TNM | Declaration of Second Interim Dividend

December 17, 2018|

At the company’s Eighty-Sixth Board of Directors’ meeting held on Thursday 13th December, 2018, the following resolution was adopted:-

That the Second Interim Dividend for 2018 of MK2,510 Million representing 25 Tambala per share in respect of the financial year ending 31st December, 2018 has been declared by the Directors.

The Dividend will be payable on 18th January, 2019 to those shareholders registered in the books of the company as at the close of business on 4th January, 2019.

The share register will be closed from 7th January 2018 to 9th January, 2019 both dates inclusive and no transfers shall be registered during that time.




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Telekom Networks Malawi Limited is the major provider of telecommunication services in Malawi; offering a range of products that include post- and pre-paid airtime, interconnections, international incoming and roaming, handsets, equipment and accessories. Additional products and services include smart data packages, a mobile money wallet called Mpamba, Yanga Internet bundles; as well as voice services which include caller tune, call conference and mobile directory services. Value-added services include Me2U which allows customers to share airtime, Pasavute airtime services, and multimedia messaging services. Innovations include the introduction of 3.5g broadband services and high-speed wireless Internet access, voice and data connectivity, and video and music streaming. Telekom Networks Malawi Limited was the first mobile network operator in Malawi and was established as a joint venture between Telekom Malaysia and the then government-owned Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL). Telekom Malaysia sold its 60% majority stake in TNM and the telecommunication enterprise is now a wholly-owned Malawi company. Telekom Networks Malawi is listed on the Malawi Stock Exchange

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